Monday, May 22, 2006

In which I say, "right?" a lot.

Now, why do I have concerns about my new doctor? Well, the biggest, reddest flag is that he "knows" SatanInASmock the doctor who runs the program at BastardClinicFromHell my last clinic. (see, I can let go of the past!) I mention that I'm coming from OutOfState and he says he knows a guy out there. "It's not Satan?" I ask him, knowing that it is. Sure enough. It was all I could do not to jump up out of the chair and run for the stairs. That abruptly ended my monologue on "why I'm here and where I came from" and made everyone a little uncomfortable. He tried to make me feel better by noting that he and Satan do not exchange Christmas cards.

Just because he knows the guy is no big deal, right? I mean, I know there are a lot of REs, but it's not an enormous community or anything, right? It's probably just a coincidence, and of course he wouldn't violate patient confidentiality by talking to the other doctor about me without my permission, right?

Sigh. So much for my fresh start.

The good things:

  1. No more clomid. He agreed that I'd done enough.
  2. He did not say I was crazy because I said that dex made me psycho. He acknowledged that the "erratic mood swings" are rare, but entirely possible when taking steroids.
  3. He is known for being the more aggressive Dr. in the group (according to the nurse.)
  4. He seems willing to work with/around insurance issues. So far.
  5. They are open on weekends and do blood draws on the proper days.

The questionable (aside from the unfortunate satan association):

  1. He asked me if I was doctor or a nurse. At first it felt like a compliment, but now that I've had time to over-analyze it, I wonder if I'm setting myself up to be labeled a pushy patient again. Oh well.
  2. He's not ready to schedule me for a lap. Though he "likes to cut people open," he wants to do a couple rounds of injects for now and gave me that "tsk, tsk, little lady, no sense worrying about what could be nothing" look when I began talking about endo.
  3. The nurse instructed me to stop taking my big motrin. Um, ok, but you know my ute laughs at tylenol, right? You know that motrin is only the first line of defense and that I only left tequila off as a pain reliever because I didn't want to look like both a lush and a headcase, right? She okayed my tylenol with codeine though, and I got a lecture about NSAIDs.


Cat, Galloping said...

maybe if it hadn't been unprofessional he would have said, i know that guy and he's a total quack! here's hoping, anyway...

Liv said...

Good luck Twirl. It frustrating watching the days go by while they run their stupid tests, but hopefully they will go by quickly for you. It will help having a house to put together. At least that's what I keep telling myself.