Friday, April 13, 2007

Why the hell would he laugh at me? (or, welcome to my mood swings)

The other day I felt cranky for no particular reason and P asked me why I was staring out the window at the street and I answered that I didn't know. Then I went to our DVD rack and pulled out two that were dumb and I decided we'd never watch them again and they weren't worth giving away and I threw them in the trash.

Then I cried. Because, you know, it was all so ridiculous and I knew that, and P was laughing at me, and I still couldn't help it and I was sad and there was no good reason for any of it.


Furrow said...

Oh, dear. I've been known to hang out in those dark hormone valleys myself, lately. I'm back up on a sunny peak right now, but I'm aware that the ground is a little loose up here. Got to watch my step. Just keep reminding yourself about the hormones.

chicletj said...

Oh my god..the mood swings are almost funny they are so intense, huh? I am waiting for my husband to finally tell me to get a life when I'm sobbing uncontrollably over an episode of dog whisperer or laughing and dancing the music on the tv. Are we on a roller coaster OR WHAT? I call the mood swings hurricane hormona.