Saturday, April 14, 2007

From her mouth...

We never told P's parents about our IF. When we were towards the end of this cycle, P emailed his dad that we were doing IVF but not to spread it around in case it didn't work. His dad emailed back, "What's IVF?" P told him, but we never heard another word about it. We honestly didn't know if he understood or if he even told P's mom. They're not the most worldly people, so we kinda thought they just pushed it aside because they didn't know what it meant.

Anyway, when P told his mom on the phone that I was pregnant, she gave him one of my favorite lines ever.

"Make sure you see a doctor."

I laughed when I heard it through the phone (although I did have the grace to try and muffle my laughter with a pillow.) I've laughed out loud each and every time I've thought about this. I meant to tell my RE too, as I'm sure he'd be amused, but I forgot in the heartbeat and PIO and graduation terror and all. Still damn funny though.


Irish Girl said...

especially funny considering her profession, if my memory serves me.


make sure to write that one somewhere in your journal or something ... it will make a fantastic story twenty years from now too!

Liv said...

Classic Mother-in-Law fodder. She will probably be able to tell you what you are carrying by looking at your stomach. And that if you burp a lot you are having a boy.

Keep the good stories coming. Go Heartbeat!!

Sarah said...

in that category of wacky things fertile people say, that's one of the funniest things i've ever heard.