Thursday, April 26, 2007

my dirty little secret

I'm 11 weeks today. The first trimester is winding down and so are the progesterone shots. They're finally starting to bother me, btw, and I've got the large lump, bruises, and itchy spots to prove it. All for a good cause.


I get it about the digestion slowing down. I can no longer eat a real dinner because I go from zero to full in no time. This makes it hard to really get balanced meals because I simply can't eat enough. So I'm not worrying about it. I also am falling short on my water consumption. I'm just too full. If I eat, there's no room left for water and if I drink all my water, I'm too full for food. So everything is getting shortchanged. Sometimes this bothers me, but mostly I know I'm doing the best I can. I have plenty of fat stores to go around.


My pants are tight. It won't be too long before they're unwearable. Most of my tops feel snug and do not lay properly. I'm wearing two shirts most days (that I'm not in sweats.) My bras are embarrassingly small. I desperately need to buy some with a larger cup size. But that would require the motivation to go shopping and I simply do not have it. I can usually manage one errand or household task per day and then I must loaf on the couch. The cats love this routine, but I hate feeling like I'm never getting anything done.


And so here's the secret:

In spite of infertility, I really believe I'm going to have a baby in November.


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Furrow said...

Say it loud, say it proud! I'm just getting to that point, myself. I recorded the heartbeat on my cell phone at my midwife appt yesterday, just so that I could listen when I begin to doubt... again.

Irish Girl said...

Hurray!!! You're going to be a Mom before the holidays this year!!!

(saying it that way makes it sound really really *real* in my head, for some reason ;-)

Sarah said...

me too! yay us! i have only said it out loud once, to my husband, and he said "shh! don't jinx it!" but then he whispered "i think so too."

congrats of quitting the PIO. i'm so glad i haven't had to do that. i still have a tender/numb/itchy area from them and i haven't done the shots in six weeks (when they switched me to the gel).

Karen said...

how are you doing now, at almost 12 weeks??

Humincat said...

How are things going? A small post, that's all.

Irish Girl said...

Where ARE you? :)

Hope all is well! Let us know how you're feeling.

Angie said...

Great to hear from you!!! Congratulations! We're due in the same month, that's exciting. My pants are tight too. I'm hoping you enjoy the next 6 months!
Please keep in touch.