Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CD3: lucky seven

  1. Ok, so I didn't exactly pull an Irish Girl, but I did eat some chocolate intended for P's stocking.
  2. I had cysts, but they were small enough to start fsh anyway.
  3. I discovered that my ovidrel prescription has refills, but I should have filled it before the 6th so I need a new prescription anyway.
  4. Some nurses do NOT have a sense of humor or ability to chat.
  5. Apparently, the time you're scheduled to come in is not always the time they PLAN to see you. For example, my appointment was for 7:15, I was on time, I waited until 7:45 and the nurse commented that they were "right on schedule."
  6. Some people take, "It seems like I bruise a lot, but not nearly as much with you!" as a compliment!
  7. Puppies got baths today because they smelled horrible. Then Girl peed on a rug. I washed the rug and put it back. Then Boy peed on the same rug. Washing it again. We haven't had any accidents in weeks, and they both had one today. grr.


Orhan Kahn said...

Poor rug.

Irish Girl said...

There is totally some chocolate from D's stocking in my makeup drawer right now. It's been there and open and being eaten for days.

Doctors suck with keeping schedules. The nurses are stressed and "aren't supposed to say anything" to the docs. Whatevs. I better find some modern age docs to work for. Or else. I'm gonna start some drama.

Sorry about your rug. Two more years (less than that now) and all will be fine. Promise.