Monday, December 18, 2006

CD2: the first casualty

This weekend we had our first gift casualty. Girl found and unwrapped one of P's presents for him.

P: Uh, thanks for the hat dear.
Me: Oh, yeah, you're welcome.


P: I got you three presents.
Me: I got you two so far, but there are two others that I want you to have.
P: Yes, I know. You got me... a hat.

Even Later:

P: I got a hat for Christmas. What's in the other one? Gloves or a scarf?
Me: Shut up.

Later still:

Me: Do you even like the hat?
P: Yeah, I needed one.
Me: It's moisture-wicking on the inside. You know, for running.
P: I see that.
Me: Do you want to just have it now? I could wrap it back up.
P: (puts the hat on in an attempt to prevent the re-wrap)

Going to sleep:

P: What are my other presents?
Me: You wanna just go open the other one up?
P: No, I have a hat.
Me: (grumbling) It would've been better with all the other presents.


Heather said...

GAH, BigP forced me to open gifts this weekend. Poor guy couldn't wait any longer it was just killing him. The funny part - the only thing he asked for was a hat and I didn't get it for him. LOL

(I hate that team and I refuse to look at him wearing that stupid hat everyday so I got him everything else for that team except the hat)

Irish Girl said...

Ahh, just go ahead and open them. Everyone's doing it!


Frances said...

Oh my goodnes I almost pee'd reading this! Too funnny! Hope your Christmas is a merry one!

r.a.w. said...

Sometimes the hubbies are worse than kids at Christmastime, I think. And don't listen to Irish up there - she's worse than a kid when it comes to the gift opening - HA :)

twirl said...

Don't worry. I am not an early present-opener. In fact, in the past I have been trusted by my mom and grandma to wrap my own presents without peeking!