Monday, September 18, 2006

Puppies: we live in Toys R Us

In the Twirl household, we go through lots of toys. Puppies are little destructo-units. They will chew and chew and chew until there's nothing left and then they will chew each other. I decided from the start to make sure there were always plenty of different acceptable chewing options available. They have soft toys, hard toys, rope toys, chew toys, and they love them all. They say you ought to rotate, but I don't really need to since they destroy things so often that there's always a new toy coming in to replace something.

Seven weeks: rope

Eight weeks: Girl with rope and fish, Boy with monkey and carrot. Carrot was the first toy that Boy selected himself by taking it off a low shelving unit at the "toy store."

Nine weeks: Girl with jack, Boy with unfortunately-placed carrot. Girl is not usually possessive over toys. She shares easily and is not territorial. This does not apply to the big jack. Boy may chew in tandem, but he may not take this toy away!

Ten weeks: Twirl messes with Boy and many toys, Boy and mini tennis ball. I do have to mess with them when they're sleeping. It's payback for them messing with me when they're awake.

Eleven weeks: Boy and rope, Girl and Boy and HIS giraffe. Boy does not share toys he's deemed "his." The giraffe is not for sharing. He gathers up toys to sleep with or hoard.

Twelve weeks: Girl with jack, Girl and Boy chewing a hard ball with three ropes that go through and have knots in the ends. The ropes have since been shredded, partially consumed, and thrown away.


Irish Girl said...

Ouch. Their cuteness is hurting me.

Lauren said...

Lola (14 weeks) loves Bully sticks (we call them puppy pacifiers) and her duck. Of course, things that aren't really toys, like empty water bottles and yogurt containers, are the best toys ever.

r.a.w. said...

My Bailey loves rope. But we had to keep them away from him for many months because of his tendency to shred them, swallow them, and then puke them. He doesn't do that anymore.

He also loves any empty plastic bottle (or any full plastic bottle you may happen to be drinking out of) and empty Cool Whip containers.

Oh, and we got him this rubber tire that's way bigger than his head that he can gnaw on for days and not put a dent in.