Thursday, September 14, 2006

If it's you, speak up!

P loaned out Lost (season one) to someone at some time. He does not recall who or when and therefore can't ask for the discs back. His wife was not at all pleased about this and is holding a (silent) grudge.


Irish Girl said...

Dude, that's a serious marital offense. At least you can rent them. And have you seen season 2? We watched all six disks (I think 24 episodes) last weekend. I should have spent *all* that time studying. But boy was it fun!

When does the new season start???? Not that I'm an addict or anything.

twirl said...

So you see my point! Last year before season two started we watched all of season one the weekend before as a refresher. We have season two, but haven't started it yet. The season will begin on Oct 4, so we have lots of time.

A significant issue will be my own internal conflict. My "thrifty" side bristles at the idea of purchasing the same thing twice, but is in conflict with the part of me that MUST have a complete set of anything that's meant to be a set.