Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Part 2 (Strange Fruit series)

If you saw this in the produce bins at the grocery store, would you buy it?

This is called a rambutan. It's a little bit bigger than a golf ball, and it has hairy-looking tentacles protruding from a pretty red raspberry-like skin. The tentacles are softer than they appear, but I was pretty much operating on the assumption that there was a solid skin that wasn't meant for eating. I didn't do any research on this beforehand (but if I did, I'd see that there's a pretty easy way to eat it!) because I wanted to be surprised by the inside like I was with the dragonfruit.

I began to slice the fruit in half and I could feel the skin coming away from the inside. The center was a solid white ball that looked like an egg. It was smooth and only slightly grainy. The smooth fiber had an almost silky feel to it.

Next problem: how the heck do I eat this thing?

I have to admit, I was not totally sold on eating this thing (in fact, P thought I was nuts. Still does!)

But I'm not afraid of fruit! I can do it! I'll put it in my blog!

I removed the white center from the scary skin. I was going to tell you that I licked the white ball but I won't because that sounds like another, much dirtier, story. So, having tasted the outside with my tongue (not willing to commit to a bite) I determined that this would not, in fact, kill me and I could actually eat some and not die. It was mostly sweet and just a tiny bit sour. I scraped my teeth against the surface. It felt like a tough gelatinous ball. I took a tiny bite because I am a big wuss because I didn't want to overwhelm my taste buds, and I wasn't that impressed. It was sweet, but not very flavorful. It wasn't especially appealing, but not exactly bad either.

I didn't finish it, but if I did, I would have found a seed in the center (glad I didn't put it all in my mouth and start chewing!) I won't be buying any more rambutan(s?) but I'm glad I gave it a try.

So there you have it.

Strange fruit:2 Twirl:0


Liv said...

Adventures in fruit.... cool.
Ever tried star fruit?
And how in the world to you eat a pomegranate? I've heard they are delicious but they just look full of seeds to me. Do you eat the seeds?

HEhe.. just wondering.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to get a commment.
Good luck on your move. We are moving in the spring as well.

twirl said...

I bought a starfruit but it went bad before I had a chance to try it, so it's back on my list. Pomegranites are another good candidate! I like pomegranite juice...

Good luck on your move too!

Cat, Galloping said...

you've never had pomegranate?! gorgeous, fun to eat and delicious. (yes you eat the seeds.)