Monday, October 20, 2008

she's ba-ack

I think the endo is back.  I'm starting to experience some pain issues again.  I'm also pretty sure that I have a cyst.  What this means for my current and future fertility and family-building is... the ten-thousand dollar question.  I have tons of other things to worry about right now, but I wouldn't be a good infertile if I didn't devote at least some of my worries to the status of the mess down yonder.  I could do without the pain though.


Angie said...

Oh that sucks, I'm sorry. Endo is extremely painful. I keep wondering if and when mine will come back. HUGS

Irish Girl said...

If you think it's back it likely is ... and I understand how the mind tends to wander to the nether-regions. Had to laugh at your reference to the "ten-thousand dollar question" though. I wish it could be simpler than that.