Tuesday, October 14, 2008

points of interest

Open House #1:  done!  I hear (from my neighbors, who were counting people) that there were tons of people here.  Only time will tell if that translates into (good) offers.

Weekend Trip:  we went to visit P's parents.  While there, P's grandfather died.  They weren't close, so he's not particularly sad or anything, but it did make it a different sort of visit.  Birdie helped distract everyone.  She is not currently a good traveler.  She does not sleep well at all in strange places, no matter how much I try to make her environment seem like at home.  She's just sensitive to changes in her routine, I guess.  I am not in love with middle-of-the-night screaming that lasts for a million years, even though I understand the problem.

Birdie:  big day today - Birdie took her first unassisted step.  She's been cruising for a while now and standing on her own, so I knew it was coming.  I still want to cry though!  My baby is getting so strong and independent (just as she should, I know, but still...)  She's in love with pointing and we spend lots of time pointing at things, naming them, and giggling about it all.  She has decided that she no longer cares for pureed veggies, and is currently in love with cheese.

My grandma:  is in the hospital.  She had surgery recently and is not recovering as well as we were hoping.  There's nothing that my being there would accomplish, but I still feel bad being so far away.  She will probably recover fully, it's just not going very quickly.  And it's not easy to watch in the meantime.


carosgram said...

Good luck with selling your place!

Furrow said...

You have lots going on. Good luck, speedy recovery, condolences, and you have my empathy on the baby growing up thing. I didn't think I would be sad, but I am. Especially since increasing physical independence correlates with increasingly strong opinions.

Irish Girl said...

Fingers crossed for good offers!

Birdie is at such a fun age (save for the middle of the night screaming -- but who really *likes* sleeping in strange places?) and even though it has to be so hard watching her grow up, how cool is it that your daughter is walking?! Awesome!

Hoping grandma is getting great care so she can be home feeling better asap.