Thursday, September 04, 2008

go ahead - laugh and point

Before Birdie was born we got a bunch of bibs.  I hate bibs, always have.  I think it's because I see pics of babies wearing them when they're not eating (yeah, I get that they're probably for drool then) but I still don't like the "look" of them.

Since BFing went well (then, haha) we never used a bottle and honestly, I thought having all those bibs was a little silly.  I mean, they just sat there sad, lonely, unused, in a basket in the closet.  I seriously didn't see myself using them.  At all. 

Until we increased the solids to 3x/day.

I get it now.


Rachel said...

I hate bibs too. Unfortunately I was blessed with a baby who doesn't just drool, he has buckets of spit pouring forth from his mouth at all times. I easily can change his bib every 30 minutes. If I don't his poor chest gets chapped from being wet. I was told once he got teeth it would improve, it hasn't.

By the way, how is Birdie's weight doing?

Furrow said...

What Rachel said. My Z would be a major object of derision for bib haters. But if she doesn't wear them, she's wet. Drenched, I mean. On the bright side, she's finally getting her top teeth.

And, yeah. How's the butter and olive oil diet going?