Friday, September 19, 2008

Is there anyone out there who feels as though they wouldn't change a thing if they could?

Today I exploded a little.  Not in an angry way (ok, there were some angry bits) but mostly in a "there's-too-much-inside-and-something's-bound-to-come-out" sort of way.  There have been a lot of little things (and some not-so-little ones) building up around here making it a generally unpleasant place to be.    I think the air has finally been cleared a little.  

Are things better?  I don't know.  I got to have my say, but I'm not totally satisfied with all the answers I got.  I don't really have a choice about that though, since I'm not in charge of the world.

I think that's something I never considered.  That there would be times, in marriage, in life, that you just aren't satisfied with how things have turned out AND you may not be able to or want to do anything about that.  

Probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's meaningful to me.  I guess we make compromises about things all the time and we don't even realize we're doing it.  


Irish Girl said...

Wrestling with lots of the twists and turns of life over here lately, and I am far from feeling "satisfied" at the moment, but there is really very little I would change about my life and how I got here. So, yeah. I get it. :-)

Been MIA lately. Lots of stuff going on and not a lot I feel like or can really write about, but know that I'm thinking of you!

Sarah said...

yep, i had that same thought the other day.