Saturday, August 09, 2008

we never did fill up our basement

I suppose one good thing about moving all the damn time is that you don't have years and years and years to accumulate mountains of crap.  Oh, and you get to wade through your "memories" often.

Some things I found today:

-tiny puppy collars
-tiny kitten collar, first lost tooth, and first destroyed toy
-turkey baster and cup of "stuff" that my BFF sent me when she found out we were "trying" LMFAO.
-two old emails from P that I printed out before we were married.  I made him listen as I read to him how much he "used to" love me.


Cat, Galloping said...

moving again? Where to?

Irish Girl said...

Oh girl. I think I know what this means. How are you doing?

Tiff said...

haha coming across that kind of stuff is so fun sometimes. The moving part sucks though.

Sarah said...

oh boy, moving sucks. good luck with it all!