Monday, April 14, 2008

Some bad, some wonderful, but I'm a teary-eyed mommy because my baby is growing up!

Damn. It's been a week.

Birdie got her first cold. Rivers of snot abound. Like any good baby, she loathes the evil snot-sucking device her mother insists on using periodically. Also, I have the cold too. Fun times.

We finally moved Birdie to her crib full-time (she was there just for naps, and in her PnP bassinet in our room at night.) I moved her PnP out of our room yesterday. I managed to do it without crying, but it aches a little. I should be happy to have my nightstand back out of the closet and I don't have to sleep with the baby monitor under my pillow now, but it was like I said goodbye to my little baby.

Here are some of the reasons we moved her to her own room:
1. She hit the 15lb. weight limit in the bassinet. I don't think it was going to crash to the floor or anything, but it probably felt less sturdy for her to sleep on since...
2. She began to move around in her sleep. A lot. She'd roll over (and not know how to get back and wake up screaming) and wiggle into the corners and it just didn't seem comfy. I put her to sleep on her stomach (*gasp*) and she can now move from her stomach to back or side and just today she went back to stomach.
3. We have used and will continue to use some CIO methods with Birdie and me being in the room only works her up more (you wanna talk about why because you're considering it yourself and need help or want to reason through it with someone who has effing been there -or- you think I've damaged my baby forever and want to call me a bad mom, please feel free to do it via email.)
3. She began chattering at 4am. Absolutely adorable, but...

Birdie said her first word yesterday! Unintentional, yes, but clear as a bell. She was looking at us and making her baby noises (ba-la-wuh-de-la...) and then "Hi!" P and I looked at each other, "Did you hear that?" "Yeah, she said 'Hi', didn't she?" Interestingly, "Hi" was also my first word. I think my mom cried when I called her.


Irish Girl said...

Hi! Too cute :)

One of many tear provoking events, I imagine. On a positive note ... she probably looks tiny in that great big crib, right? As compared with the bassinet I mean.

Rachel said...

You are not a bad mom and don't question yourself.

We use CIO sometimes when we can't figure out anything else to do. I can't say we are consistent with doing that though. I have found the crying is less now that LG is older.

He too scoots in his crib and wakes up angry because he can't get back the way he was. Well, he can but he hasn't made the connection on doing it purposely yet.

Angie said...

She is growing up! Wow!

Furrow said...

Zo is still in the PnP in our room, though napping in her crib. We had to take out the bassinet part a while back, and it's a long drop to the bottom.

I know we'd probably sleep better if we moved her to her room, but it is so hard.

I'm glad to hear that Birdie and YOU are sleeping better.