Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I miss her.

Birdie was awake early this morning. It was too early to get up for the day, but too late for me to nurse/rock her back to sleep. She was too awake to put herself to sleep and I don't go back to sleep easily at that time of the morning. So I brought her into bed with us like I used to and nursed her there. She drifted off and I went to lalaland. Sometimes I miss co-sleeping. We're all doing much better now that Birdie has settled into her crib, but I still miss her little baby head right next to me and the feeling of her soft, squishy body next to mine.


Irish Girl said...

I have often wondered how I'd ever possibly put a baby (of MINE) down in a crib to sleep. As I can't seem to ever pass up a sleeping babe of another mom at any given opportunity. Kudos to you. I guess it is the duty of a Mom to start letting them grow up ... even in the early days.

Will you please remind me?


Furrow said...

Oh, man. It is sweet. This morning in our bed it was B, Zo, cat, and me -- in that order, all in a snuggly row. I'm starting to worry that Zo is not getting the best sleep on her comparatively hard pnp mattress (which she sleeps in most of the night in our room), so I've suggested putting her into her crib, but my husband is the more hesitant one. I don't want to see her go, either, though.

Sarah said...

i know exactly what you mean :)