Sunday, September 09, 2007

maybe she reads my blog

I ran into a woman at BRU who was shopping for her six month old daughter. The baby kept staring at me so I said hello and smiled at her and told her that she had a lovely bib. Mom and I chatted for a few minutes and then parted ways. About 45 minutes later I was in Target looking at bumbo seats and saw the same mom. Again we talked for a minute and then parted ways. It was a neat coincidence and left me wishing I had thought to ask her for her phone number or something but it didn't occur to me at the time and I'm not really sure that's appropriate anyway. Is it? Sometimes I feel so incredibly socially inept.


Cat, Galloping said...

It's not inappropriate, it's just a risk. I've done it loads of times in situations more intimate (e.g., meeting in a class, or a new neighbor) and been blown off, so now I let other people make the first move. Or I might still make the first move, like giving them my phone #, but then I wait for them to call. If they don't, I figure they are just not that into me. I never read that book, but I learned a lot from it-- even about female friendships!

r.a.w. said...

I'm pretty much an introvert, so when things like that happen, I always think afterwards about what I should have done. Happened a few months ago in MY Target - saw my BF from GRADE SCHOOL (I feel so old), and we talked for a few minutes, then left. I got home and thought, I don't even know her married name! There's no way I'm going to find her! Argh.

But maybe you will see her again since you apparently shop at the same stores? ;)

Furrow said...

I dunno. I'm so lazy about the friendships I currently have. I'm not so good at striking up new ones. I guess it doesn't hurt to be outgoing like that, as long as you're prepared for a blow off, as Cat warned.