Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dear Mrs. Pamprin,

I suggest you give your husband a great big hug (or whatever reward you deem appropriate) today for the following reasons:

1. He was grocery shopping for you, with list in hand, and appeared to be strictly adhering to the guidelines set forth within the list.

2. One item was Pamprin. He was actively searching for this item. He did not come home and tell you that "they were out" so that he could avoid buying it. (Though I can see why it may have been in his best interest to come home with said item.)

3. He stopped me, a random female stranger, in the store, and asked me if I knew where he could find Pamprin.

4. He followed my suggestions (I've never bought it, I didn't know if the store even carried it, I just suggested he look one aisle over near the tampons. He didn't cringe when I said tampons.) and located your item.

5. When he saw me in a different aisle, he actually thanked me for the directions and held up the box, (yes, for all the store to see) and told me it was right where I suggested he look.

I thought that was really cool.


lala said...

hee hee hee

suze said...

that is a good man mystery pamprin woman has there...

Liv said...

You must be really busy getting ready to move. It must take a lot of your time from blogging... hint.

Miss ya.