Friday, July 04, 2008

you can file this in the "details they leave out" section

sheesh. (oh, and I hate the word "period" but I also hate "AF"

I knew that the first period after baby (not counting pp bleeding) could be rough.  But no one told me that the second could be crazy.  As in, five weeks after I got my period back, I got another period followed by two weeks of normalcy, and then constant spotting, then bleeding, then a day break, then bleeding, and spotting that went on for days weeks now and is generally pissing me off.  Oh, and there are also days of random painful cramping not necessarily associated with anything else.  

I asked my BFF what it was like for her (my dear fertile friend is on baby #4, pg #6) and she said that the longest she's ever had bleeding, not counting pp, was six weeks.  SIX freakin' weeks?  Say it ain't so.

I saw my OB when I was on day two of spotting so I wasn't especially bothered then.  He did say that because I'm still breastfeeding (all the damn time,) things just may be wonky for a while.

I told my mom and she said, "yeah... sorry..."  That about sums it up.


Cat, Galloping said...

that didn't happen to me. (unless i blocked it out?) maybe worth another call to your doctor just to confirm that it's normal.

Furrow said...

I do remember that my second one was surprisingly heavy, but it wasn't like what you describe. I, however, was not breastfeeding at the time, and I'm sure that makes a difference.

And if you're looking for a better term, you could always call it your "monthlies."

Sarah said... "monthlies" for me yet. i'm diggin the unbefitting quaintness of that term by the way.

i thought it was back but turned out to be just continued post partum after having been on hold for a few weeks. i have heard similar horror stories from others though. sorry!

Foxxy One said...

Ok, probably the not the most appropriate place to leave this message but.... have you seen yet? OMG - run - now - watch!