Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Henry VIII, I am

37 weeks = nothing!

Some people would be bummed to see no progress at this point, but I'm happy that the baby is unlikely to come this weekend. Unless, of course, there is something to the whole full moon theory (as I understand it, the water usually breaks when you're already IN labor, but sometimes the pull of a full moon can make an already distended bag of waters, like you'd find in very late pregnancy, break before labor spontaneously begins.)

If we can just make it to the 1st, P will more likely than not be here in town and I can stop stressing about being here by myself.

Is it a bad sign or a good sign that your doctor, when you suggest any date after the first, suggests that the 3rd would be a good day because it's his birthday and a Saturday? Does he really want to come deliver a baby on his birthday weekend?

I think of things to write all the time but somehow I never get around to it and then I forget them.


Furrow said...

Really? A doctor who wants to work on Saturday AND his birthday? That is interesting. Or does he just want to pawn you off on his backup? Those sneaky docs.

I'm sending your little one stay-put vibes.

Cat, Galloping said...

somehow i am only just making the connection that your due date is so close to Gatito's birthday (11/2)! i remember praying not to go into labor on 10/31 because my ob takes halloween VERY seriously!

r.a.w. said...

I am very hopeful that P will be in town for you. I am sure it would be very scary to do this without him.

I am really looking forward to hearing about your baby girl when she comes.

And I loved that you were thinking the Rent soundtrack. In college we listened to it so often. Although you were probably not happy to be thinking it when you should have been sleeping, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for checking up on me. I really appreciate it.

Irish Girl said...

Good sign. Docs work non-stop and he delivers babies for his living which means he is used to being called in at what-ever-time-the-baby-decides-to-show. Your baby, I hope, will show on November 3, preferably mid-day so you can labor all morning after a decent night sleep on the 2nd. At least that's the way I'd script it for you ;-)

Can't wait to hear the story of your daughter's birth!!!

Sarah said...

wow, sounds like you have a great doc if he's happy to share his birthday saturday with delivering your baby! i personally think 11/3 will be a very lucky day!