Thursday, October 18, 2007

36w = nothing.

For those people who keep saying "any time now," there is no change at all happening in my baby-expulsion area. Other than soreness, that is. No dropping, no dilating, very low-risk for having a baby this week.

My biggest delivery concern has become that I'll be alone for it. I don't want to get all into P's job, but the long and short of it is that while he has a very flexible schedule for the most part, there are some things that are non-negotiable (for example, the hospital tour day, the fact that he's been gone this week, and a couple other things that are still to come.) Not having my mom in the area for a back-up compounds the issue of aloneness.

So people insisting that the baby could come at any time now has really just been a stressor for me and it was a big relief to hear from my doctor that nothing's happening yet.

More to come on this topic...


Furrow said...

hmm.. yeah, I've been torn between the "any day now" vs. "could be weeks from now" feelings. 36 weeks is when the baby crashed down hard on my bladder and I started getting menstrual-y cramps, so get ready, because exciting things that still mean nothing (imminent) could be right around the corner.

Cat, Galloping said...

36 weeks already?! i don't believe it! when does P get back?

Mrs G said...

I was told by my midwife that an indicator of when the baby might come is when you were born (assuming you are approx same size etc as your mother was). It is only an indicator and of course many other things would way in, but if you were early, it increases the chances your baby will be early.

I hope it to be true as I was one day late and that would be great.