Saturday, June 02, 2007

my brain, it is not working so good

Evidence that I'm losing my mind:

  • I posted that last post to my old blog by mistake. Couldn't figure out why when I pulled my blog up, the post wasn't visible.

  • I left my shopping cart behind at Target. I had things in it that I had shopped for, my purse, water, etc. and I was looking in the clothing section. I walked away from my cart, began to push an empty cart and went to another section. I only realized when I was thirsty and looked down and saw that I had an empty cart. Luckily, I found mine with all my belongings still there.

  • I was driving home from the post office and it was a little blurry looking out of my right eye. I thought it was a hair or something. I rubbed my eye and realized the problem. One lens from my prescription sunglasses had popped out and I drove away without noticing. I went back to the post office and found the missing lens on the floor.

There are more examples, but obviously I can't be relied upon to remember or record them. =)


Furrow said...

I can totally sympathize. My big challenge today was figuring out my right from my left in yoga class. oh, and remembering what a shin is.

It's a good thing I'm not an air traffic controller. Or a surgeon. Or a hair colorist. Or anything, really, that requires attention and quick thinking.

Stephanie said...

I have done the shopping cart one! I was so thankful no one I knew was around to see it. :)

Irish Girl said...


The cart one would be so easy to do. But I laugh at the thought of sighting a pregnant woman with one lens in her sunglasses. ;-)

Mony said...

That's awesome.
How can we not see the funny side of that?

Sarah said...

oh man, i am so right there with you! this baby is leaching away all my brain power.