Monday, May 21, 2007

glory be to the elastic waistband

WHO is in charge of keeping the secret of how great maternity clothes feel? I finally decided to end the "I'm a (chubby) slob" look and buy shirts that fit. And they DO! I also got a pair of shorts (though I typically loathe wearing shorts, I also have a low tolerance for heat and being pg over summer... anyway, they were on clearance for $11.)

P wanted to see what I got, and since I got such a lovely reception when I showed him my new bras, I felt confident in putting on a show.

I don't think I usually fit well in clothes. I always feel like they don't fall quite right and then I feel lumpy or uncomfortable or awkward. So far, maternity clothes have been awesome! My shirts have room for expansion without looking too sloppy (or too tight.) P, ever the fashion critic, seemed pleased that I'd actually bought something for myself and I could tell that he liked how I looked. I didn't realize how much my confidence could improve with a new shirt and a compliment. I'm sure this is also to do with the deeper psychological effect of having success after years of failure, but for that moment I just felt like a regular girl getting a compliment from her guy and it was great.

I'm still in desperate need of new pants though. It's a task I typically dread, pants shopping, but somehow the success of my new shirts has given me courage. (Now I just have to find the Old Navy with the maternity section and I'll be set!) That, and the super-comfy waistband of the shorts I bought has shown me the error of the rubberband on the too-tight pants trick. Get this- you can sit down without undoing your pants, the rubberband never falls off onto the bathroom floor, and when you're feeling bloated, your stomach is not in a bind! It's a win all around, really.

I know I have a few due date buddies, and all I can say is: Go for the new pants, you'll need them eventually, and you'll feel so much better!


Furrow said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm in luuuurve with maternity pants. I resisted for quite a while, too, and now I don't know why.

Sarah said...

isn't it great, i may never go back to jeans with zippers and buttons again! the best pants i have are from gap maternity. very comfy and they never slide down like some of the others.

Irish Girl said...

Hurray! I'm so glad you're getting comfy! And feeling good!

Hope you're feeling ok. Tired is one thing but yucky is an entirely different beast. Rest and take care of yourself!

Be well, friend.

(and thanks for your advice about the flyers in Vegas ... those guys are relentless!)

Motel Manager said...

When I switched to maternity pants, I wondered if I would ever go back to pants w/o an elasic waist. So comfortable! You understand why the elderly go elastic.

topcat said...

Stopping by to say hi. Hi!

I love your Grays Anatomy quotes


Angie said...

OMG! I LOVE these clothes! I wore a pair of shorts today and they were so comfy!