Friday, December 12, 2008

The Very Best Place and Time to Get Stomach Flu. Ever.

I had the worst flight(s) of my life on Tuesday.

I'd like to issue a public apology to those on the flight(s) with me.  I know that must have been disgusting for you.  If I had any idea at all that was going to happen to me, please believe I never on a billion years would have gotten on the plane.  Believe me, no one likes to have to use a two three barf bags and certainly no one wants to throw up so violently that they miss the bag and puke on their own pants and shirt and jacket on the first leg of their trip.  I'm not even going to discuss the other ways stomach flu on an airplane can be less than comfortable.  Thank you, Mr. Flight Attendant, for not making me feel any more humiliated than I already did.  And thanks for watching my daughter.

PSA:  There's a very nasty stomach flu virus going around, particularly in NM and TX.  Wash your hands thoroughly and often and avoid small children.  Or just wash, your call.


Liv said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. Please take care of yourself and get well soon.

Furrow said...

Oh heavens, Twirl! So sorry!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you are feeling better now!

I've never been sick on the plane. I once got sick on a cruise ship and on a charter bus. At least I was close to a change of clothes both times. Yikes!

Irish Girl said...

Oh wow. How awful! Did Birdie get it? Hope you're all feeling better and enjoying yourselves now!!!