Thursday, November 20, 2008

YAY! (I hope.)

Guess what? Speaking up works!

My balloons (not just any ole latex balloons, btw - I'm very afraid of those - these are 30" mylars) are going to be expressed here, hopefully by noon on Saturday.  Just barely makes the cut, but in this case, barely works!  Now, everyone just has to do as they said they would.

I'm sure she doesn't read my blog, but huge thanks to A.L. in Brooklyn for helping me get this fixed!  I hope your child loves the Sesame Street balloons you picked as well - they're in the mail!

I'm sure it seems silly to get all worked up over something like this, but... sorry, can't be helped.


Rachel said...


Irish Girl said...

Good news! Hope Birdie's party is super fun :-)

Furrow said...

I get it. It's nice when things are actually righted.