Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tabula Rasa

So I was all ready to pack my bags and move to BlogSpirit. I actually did set up a shiny new blog and make a couple posts. They have some really nifty features over there that aren't offered an any other free blog that I could find (lists, categories, trackback, password protection, photo albums, etc) and I was very easily swayed. Oh, and their basic templates are better and you can insert photos and sound directly to the blog (no additional host.) And I got the address I wanted.

Well, what the hell am I doing here then?

Excellent question. I'm here because they have space limitations and even though I could get all those cool features for free, I didn't want to deal with running out of space/bandwidth and have to dump posts or learn worry about how to resolve those issues. And I just can't justify paying for TypePad.

Welcome back to Blogger, you cheap bitch

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