Tuesday, January 17, 2006

odds and ends

1. My eye- did not bruise, just swelled up a little. Returned to normal by that evening. Husband (who did not bring flowers) asked, "Which eye is it? That one? Because that one looks kinda bad." You guessed it. It was the wrong eye. "Maybe your makeup is blurred under there then." Thanks. You can stop talking now.

2. Garage sale- I went to put signs up in my neighborhood the day before. I ran out of packing tape. I bought more tape, but when I went to put the rest of the signs up the light drizzle turned into actual, you're-soaked-now-and-your-tape-don't-wanna-stick-RAIN. Great. We didn't get many people the next morning (I know, big shock) and we only sold one of our big items. Not sure what we're going to do with the other things.

3. Chicken- P was able to satisfy his KFC craving last night. He went to a different location and believe it or not, they had chicken.

4. My baby- still does not exist. Still infertile. I made a joking reference to "imaginary baby" and P asked me last night if it had a name. Since I'd been saving those for a real baby, I said no. Plus, imaginary baby changes genders frequently. P said maybe it should be a boy so he could play football and soccer and golf with it, but I said that sounded like his imaginary baby. Still no real prospects on obtaining real baby. Some days it's easier than others to wait. On those days moving feels very far away. Last night P said he wanted to adopt instead. Of course last week he was sure we'd find a good doctor in NewCity, so I don't place much importance on last night's announcement.

5. Cats- Boys are fine. Not at all thrilled with all the furniture moving and cleaning with loud machines lately. The little one turned one on the first and is thrilled to eat "big kitty" food. The older one eats hairball control and the little one has always loved it (although he has short hair, he does occasionally eat a clump of the other cat's longer hair.) It's so much easier now that we don't have to monitor who is eating what. We now are allowing him out of his room at night and he's joined us in bed. It's getting crowded. The little one likes pillows and it's not unheard of to wake up at 2am with your face vibrating due to excessive purring or a kitten licking your hair.

6. Days until move: 86

7. Last week's Lost was awesome. In case you were wondering. Have you seen the images in the black smoke? Holy crap. Check out these screen caps.


Cat, Galloping said...

ok i think those pictures might give me nightmares

April said...

Gah. I hate moving. Hate. Hate. Hate it. Even when it's for good things.